Hollywood Destination: Lake Lure In The Film Dirty Dancing

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The film “Dirty Dancing” became an unexpected box office hit when it was released in 1987. The movie made Patrick Swayze a star and the North Carolina town of Lake Lure a major tourist attraction. For the past three years the Dirty Dancing Festival has taken place in Lake Lure with lakeside screenings of the film and a family dance festival. Money raised at the festival goes toward pancreatic cancer research. The disease claimed Swayze’s life in 2009.

Producers chose the location because of its small town American charm and its abundant natural beauty. Read the rest of this entry »

Duke Power: The Historical Importance Of Lake Lure’s Hydroelectric Dam

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The Lake Lure hydroelectric dam was not built to generate power, but to enhance and preserve property values. The goal was to build a beautiful resort around a scenic lake. Chimney Rock was an area of great natural beauty, and Broad River, Buffalo Creek and Crane Creek provided the water, all that was needed was a dam.

The multitude of creeks and inlets that flowed into the newly formed Lake Lure meant that there would always be water flowing over the dam. Planners decided to make use of this, but it was never a primary Read the rest of this entry »

The Perfect Weekend Trip: Lake Lure, North Carolina

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People who are interested in the perfect weekend trip may want to visit Lake Lure, North Carolina. The town has a variety of attractions and accommodations.

Lake Lure is the main attraction in the area. The beach near the lake has a swimming area and picnic tables. There are bumper boats and water slides at the water park near the beach. The beach and water park are open during the summer.

Visitors can go water skiing, sailing and kayaking on the lake. Bass, trout, and catfish have been caught in the lake.

Chimney Rock State Park Read the rest of this entry »

Appalachian Splendor: Life In The North Carolina Foothills

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The foothills of the Appalachians in North Carolina are home to almost a million and a half people. Poverty has dogged the region for many years due to poor infrastructure and few public services for the population. Those who come here to live, however, love the hills and valleys, streams and rivers, the four distinct seasons and the generally lovely climate. The mountains are close by, the coast about 5 hours away and while there’s Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome To The Piedmont Plateau: A Guide To The North Carolina Foothills

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The foothill region of North Carolina is nestled between the Appalachian mountains and the Piedmont plateau. Here you will find hills and valleys galore, an entire region of people in love with the outdoors who hike its trails, work outside farming, fish in the streams, swim in its lovely lakes or climb in the mountains. When vibrant autumn colors flame the hills, people come from all over to enjoy the color and breath the bracingly chill air.Is this new to you? Catch Read the rest of this entry »

Neighborhood Safety In North Carolina’s Foothill Region

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Keeping your home and family secure is never an issue that should be overlooked or treated lightly. Finding safer neighborhoods, more secure locations and areas that will allow your family to enjoy greater safety and peace of mind can do much to improve your day to day lifestyle and enjoyment. The Foothills of North Carolina boast an impressively low rate of crime, just one more feature that makes this area an attraction one for families who are in search of the best locations and residential living opportunities Read the rest of this entry »